Halcyon Glades QLD

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  • Glades is an integrated community in a semi-rural setting designed under the Halcyon banner for over 50’s active lifestyle living. Halcyon’s award winning communities are alive with vibrant activity characterized by fun and friendship.

    The vision guiding our design thinking for this project was Urban Country Music and the atmosphere of travelling through outback Australia. This gave rise to a design language for buildings, landscape, materials and colours used – including elements such as the “Dream On” artscape at the entry and the “Longhouse” at the heart of the leisure precinct with a broad range of indoor and outdoor facilities.

    The master plan was tailored around the site specifics for arrival, views, orientation, movement, connection, identity and the vision itself. Our design work sought to integrate the homes with landscape and community spaces linked by the journey – such as the entry, Kingfisher Boulevard, movement around the site and making the central facilities a drawcard for residents and visitors. The project offers good opportunities for social integration from the interior of the home, to the semi-public front verandah through to the streets where friends gather to enjoy conversation or open up the garage to work on a range of hobbies. The centrally located leisure precinct compliments the individual homes and expands the lifestyle quality as resident’s enjoy the company of friends and guests across these facilities. This approach aims to foster connection and identity across the Glades community, and offer a range of individual and public spaces for varying levels of privacy and engagement to encourage fun and friendship and create better places for people to live.

    8.3 HA SITE
    160+ HOMES
    1500 m2 LEISURE CENTRE

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