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  • Sphere at Southport is a new townhome addition that sits within the award-winning Sphere apartment complex. The stage consists of 74 attached and semi-detached townhomes of 3 & 4 bedrooms and an average size of 150m2 and 180m2 gross (inclusive of the garage and porch/patio) area respectively.

    Townhomes are rear and front-loaded respective to the masterplan. The project was required to respond to the traditional project drivers of market, location, and product and addition be acceptable to the existing PBC Committee as representatives of the current owners in the apartments. The additions also include a new recreation facility encompassing gym, pool and entertaining areas to supplement facilities for the whole complex.

    As a new product type sitting within a cluster of 4-6 storey apartments, the townhomes were designed such that they complement and integrate with the existing buildings while having a different scale and feel.

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