Salvation Army Chermside

Architecture + Interior Design + Master-planning
  • In collaboration with The Salvation Army, this 3-storey building with 26 inner-city apartments was developed with family-orientated crisis care in mind. The building design takes a holistic approach to the needs of the future families through providing naturally ventilated and visible circulation zones, community meeting spaces, and significant communal landscaped open space taking giving the place a family feel, while providing separation and security.

    The design maintains a focus on sustainability and livability throughout with all apartments achieving cross ventilation, natural light, and generous private open space. An abundance of deep planting and landscaping permeating the built form assists in the building’s response to South East Queensland climate constraints, softening and cooling open-air spaces. Thoughtful landscaping and level changes are used to help capture and hold spaces of varying sizes and intended uses to assist with the equitable sharing of spaces for all residents.

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