Lutheran Aged Care Recreation Building QLD

Urban Design + Architecture + Interior Design + Master-planning
  • DC8 studio undertook a review of the whole Caboolture site and produced a concept masterplan. This took the changing needs and future trends in independent living into account and how the masterplan could adapt over time to suit. This identified the best location for the recreation building, explored opportunities for additional planned uses, support facilities and enhanced physical environment.

    The design process considered a potential language that embodied the spirit of Caboolture. By referencing rail station building typology as an iconic exemplar we drew inspiration from these historic structures as a gathering place on a movement corridor. The enhanced internal road represents the movement corridor and the pavilion, the destination for social gathering. The resultant form sculpted through the shaping of the ends brings in bright and attractive colours as well as future masterplan opportunities. The awnings or verandah-like forms filter the movement from interior to exterior and creates spaces for social interaction.

    Colour, colour, colour – the brighter the better was the brief from the client – “I want this building to shine like a jewel” Well DCB Studio certainly delivered. Large micro photography of Australian flora on black back grounds were used to define some of the spaces, whilst a mostly Ply timber, green, orange and pink colour palette was used through out the space in joinery, furnishing, carpet and tiles.


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