Citro Apartments QLD

Architecture + Interior Design + Photography + 3D Rendering
  • Citro is a new 7 storey apartment building in West End in an area which is currently dominated by industrial and service industry uses. The area has been earmarked by Brisbane City Council for residential redevelopment. Our clients identified a need and a market for well-designed affordable apartments close to the centre of West End and transport corridors. The proposal includes 1 and 2 bedroom apartments finished for the investor and first home owner level budget. The development was also just below the high tide mark of January 2011 floodwaters and was one of the first to include the new requirements for flood mitigation imposed shortly afterwards.

    The studio created a range of imagery for this project and integrated the renders into other marketing collateral. Creating a range of living, kitchen and ensuite renders in a variety of colour schemes and the hero external views highlighting key aspects, we created an effective and clear visual style for the Citro West End project.

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