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  • The site is located to the west of the city in the Lucas master planned community. Located just 7k’s west of Ballarat’s central business district on the Avenue of Honour. Lucas covers 220 hectares and is the largest community to be master planned and constructed in Ballarat’s history.

    Lucas is open and inviting, well connected and provides the facilities and infrastructure to live life locally with shopping, schools, leisure and community centres set amongst large tracts of open green parkland.
    The layout of the masterplan reflects upon the greater city layout in terms of the geometrical composition of the streets, house sites, entry and central Community Precinct. At the heart of the project, the Entry and Community precinct draw you in from the greater Lucas community. The structure of this space is framed by the meeting point of the orthogonal western part of the project and the more organic eastern section. This relationship is not oppositional in nature, but rather two parts of a cohesive overall composition, yet also having a reference to the precedent set by the evolution of the greater City of Ballarat.

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